2018 Fall semester registration is now open 秋季学期注册开始


相信大家都过了一个愉快而充实的暑假。介于今年罗城公立学校秋季学期将于8月27开学,我们罗城中文学校也将开学时间相应地调整到于8月25号 。请大家尽快在网上 (https://xiaosheng.typeform.com/to/PHoMFu) 登记学生信息,并在8月25号下午12-1点到RCTC EA103教室付款完成注册。付款时请带上您的注册收据邮件以便确定您的付款金额。

注意! 李燕老师的画画班毎两周一次,第一次课是8月25号上午9:30-12:30, 其他的课都在星期六下午2:30-5:30.

Dear RCS students and parents,

I hope you all had a great summer. In keeping with the schedule of Rochester Public Schools, We at RCS will start our fall semester on Saturday, August 25th, 2018. The online registration (https://xiaosheng.typeform.com/to/PHoMFu ) is now open, Please register your student(s) online by selecting the closest class, and come to our registration session (12:00-1: 00 pm, Aug 25 in RCTC classroom EA103) to pay your fees. Be sure to bring your email receipt to the registration session in order to validate your payment amount.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Xiaosheng Wu 吴晓生 @RCS

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