About Rochester Chinese School

Rochester Chinese School (RCS) is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1998, run by a group of highly motivated parents and volunteers, and co-sponsored by Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC). We are one of the 300+ member schools of The Chinese School Association in the US. All teachers are native speaking Chinese and our art teachers are Chinese art professionals.

Currently, RCS offers Chinese language, folk dance, Chinese painting, Calligraphy, and Erhu (Chinese violin) lessons tailored to school age kids and adults. Our school year consists of fall semester (Sept to January) and Spring Semester (Feb to June). Our Chinese language classes for kids are on Saturdays from1:00 to 2:30 pm in RCTC classrooms followed by Chinese painting, Calligraphy, and Erhu classes (2:40-4:00 pm), all Dance classes are on Sundays, and Chinese language for adults are typically in weekday evenings.

We welcome all Chinese language and art enthusiasts to join our school. If you have any questions regarding RCS, please feel free to contact our principal Mr. Xiaosheng Wu at 507-269-9331 or rcs.admwu@gmail.com.


罗城中文学校是一个由热心主动的家长和志愿者共同运作的独立非营利机构,  成立于1998年,  是在美中文学校协会的300多个成员学校之一。我们的中文老师们都是以中文为母语的华人, 艺术班老师们都是很专业的中国艺术老师。

目前,我们为学龄儿童和成人提供不同程度的汉语,民族舞蹈,国画,书法和二胡课程。学年包括秋季学期 (9月至1月) 和春季学期 (2月至6月) 。儿童中文班是星期六下午1点到2:30在RCTC教室上课,随后 (2:40-4:00pm) 是国画,书法和二胡课班。舞蹈班是星期日的RCTC SC-202教室, 成人中文班通常是平日晚上上课。

我们真诚地欢迎所有爱好中文和中国艺术朋友们踊跃报名。您如果想了解更多有关罗城中文学校的资讯,请电话 (507-269-9331)或电邮 (rcs.admwu@gmail.com) 校长吴晓生先生。谢谢!