Student Guidelines

  1. Follow the code of conduct of the Rochester Public School District and the Student Guidelines of the Rochester Chinese School.
  2. Come to school on time. If you are ill or cannot attend class, notify your teacher as soon as possible for leave of absence.
  3. Follow instructions of your teachers and school staff at all times, especially for safety reasons.
  4. Do not eat (including candies) or drink (except water only) in classrooms. No littering, writing or painting on class desks, walls, or anywhere in school. Do not bring toys to classes. Do not run around in classrooms or hallways. Pay for repair or replacement of damaged school properties.
  5. Treat everyone with respect. Do not quarrel or fight. Avoid dangerous objects and behavior.
  6. Depending on severity, violation of school rules will result in verbal warning, notification to parents, detention, or suspension from school.


  1. 遵守罗切斯特公立学校和罗城中文学校的规章制度。
  2. 准时到达教室。有病有事不能来校的学生要事先向任课老师请假。
  3. 听从老师和校务人员的教导和指示。安全第一。
  4. 在教室内不吃食物(包括糖果)不喝饮料(喝水除外)。不在学校和教室的任何地方随意书写涂抹。不携带玩具到教室内。不在教室或走廊上追逐奔跑。损坏财物,需照价赔偿。
  5. 礼貌待人,不骂人不打架。禁止危险动作和行为。
  6. 如出现严重违规行为,将被给予口头警告,通知家长,或留校察看,并由校董事会决定是否劝退离校。