Teachers Guidelines

  1. Teachers should be role models for their students, showing professionalism, courtesy, good principle and judgment. They should communicate with students and parents in a professional and timely manner.
  2. Teachers must be well-prepared for the objectives and contents of each lesson, using standard curricular and extra-curricular teaching material.
  3. Teachers should minimize the use of English and strongly encourage use of Chinese in class.
  4. Teachers are required to arrive at school at least 5 minutes before classes start, and must ensure that all students have safely left the classrooms at the end of lessons. Teachers must notify school board member on duty if unable to remain in classroom.
  5. Teachers must follow current school policy and procedures to evaluate the learning progress of students (eg, RCS Student Academic Record form) and to provide a written report card for each student at the completion of each semester.
  6. Teachers must maintain an orderly learning and safe environment in the classrooms. Disruptive students should be given corrective actions by the teachers, and those who refuse to follow instructions should be reported to the school principal or any board member on duty.
  7. When substitute teacher is needed, teacher must notify the school principal or dean at least 1 week in advance (except emergency).
  8. To enhance teaching experience, a substitute or new teacher is required to observe at least 2 class lessons given by the departing teacher and 1 class lesson given by a RCS Board-designated model teacher.
  9. Teachers must ensure that students do not eat food or candy or drink beverages (except water) in the classrooms.
  10. Teachers should ensure that students respect school properties and keep classrooms clean and tidy. At the end of each class lesson, all tables, desks, and chairs should be in proper original positions. Writing boards and desks (art classes) should be cleaned completely, and all litter are collected.
  11. Teachers should log off desktop computers, turn off the projectors and all room lights, and close all doors when leaving the classrooms after classes end.


  1. 教师应具备良好的职业道德和优良风范,坚持原则,态度和蔼。与学生和家长们礼仪相处,及时沟通。
  2. 根据标准教材并充分利用辅助教材认真备课。
  3. 在课堂上尽量使用中文,少用英文。
  4. 任课教师应至少在课前5分钟到达教室。课后要确定所有的学生安全离开教室。
  5. 定期按照学校规定评估学生的学习情况。在学期结束时給每个学生作出书面报告。
  6. 努力为学生创造一个安稳和舒适的学习环境。对于不遵守学校规定,影响课堂秩序的学生要进行批评指正,必要时向校方值班人员或校长报告。
  7. 在教学中如需别的教师帮助代课时,应在一周前向校长或教务长提出报告。
  8. 为帮助取得教学经验,新聘或代课的教师应观摩接替班级的教学至少两次,并观摩一次由校方指定的课堂教学。
  9. 确保学生在教室内不吃任何食物(包括糖果),不喝饮料 (喝水除外)。
  10. 确保学生爱护学校公共财产,保持教室整洁,课桌椅维持原位,黑板和桌面清洁而无污迹,不在墙上随意涂写,髒物放置在垃圾箱内,
  11. 确保课后教室内电脑退出帐户,关闭投影仪,离开教室前关灯关门。