2018 spring semester registration is now live 春季学期网上注册现已开始


一晃一年又过去了,我们又迎来了新的2018年。罗城中文学校2018春季学期将于1月27号开学。请您在我们的注册网 (https://xiaosheng.typeform.com/to/A0VjLc ) 上填写您的注册信息 (可用手机), 并在1月27号下午12-1点到RCTC SH102教室付款完成注册。



1. 为了方便大家,我们将所有费用(学费,书费,注册费,材料费等)汇总成一个统一费用收取, 但是舞蹈班的服装费除外。
2. 本学期各舞蹈班课时减少一次,学费是按15次计算的。
3. 李燕老师的画画班因画具费用, 学费上涨$10, 其他所有的班级的费用和上学期一致。

Dear RCS students and parents:

Time really flies quickly, we are now in 2018, and our Spring semester will start on Jan 27th. I am sending you the online registration link (https://xiaosheng.typeform.com/to/A0VjLc) which is live now, please register your student(s) and select the closest classes (can also be re-assigned later) first. To complete the registration, please come to our registration session (12:00-1:00pm, Jan 27th in RCTC classroom 102) to pay your fees. Be sure to bring the registration acknowledgment email to validate your payment amount.

Changes to this year:

1. For your convenience, we now have a single all-inclusive fee that covers the tuition, book, material and registration fees.

2. All dance classes will have 15 lessons (instead of 16) this semester, we have reduced the fee accordingly.

3. No fee change except for Art II class for which we add $10 to fully cover all the supplies.

Please let me know if you have any questions at rcs.admwu@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you in the new semester.

Xiaosheng Wu 吴晓生

Rochester Chinese School 罗城中文学校

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