Happy Chinese New Year 2013 – Year of the Snake

We had a great successful Chinese New Year Celebration at John Marshall High School on Sunday, February 10. Our school played a very important role in the event because of participation and support from our students, teachers, and parents. We received many compliments from individuals both inside and outside the Chinese community. Thank you to all our performers (including parents who joined our grand chorus) and teachers who put in a lot of hardwork to make it happened! Many thanks to parents, class coordinators, and volunteers for their behind-the-scenes support. We know that many students had a lot of activities outside of Chinese School, but they did their best to fit in our school’s schedule and did an excellent job!

For the students and staff who received admission tickets for Chinese New Year Party from RCS but did NOT use the tickets (not entering the auditorium) yesterday, please return your tickets to school dean, Shen, Xinming (shen.xinming@mayo.edu) ASAP, so that we may receive refund for these unused tickets for our school.

Now the celebration party for 2013 Chinese New Year is over, our school is back to normal schedule. We hope that all students can focus on their studies in classes and continue doing their best effort.