Spring Semester 2015 News

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Teachers/Staff,

  1. RCS 2015 Spring Semester will begin on next Saturday, Jan 24 and end on June 6, 2015. We will have open registration for Spring Semester starting this Saturday, Jan 17. Welcome continuing students and new students to enroll in.

    12-3 pm, on Jan 17, Jan 24, and Jan 31, 2015.
    Late fee $10 will be charged if the payment is made after Jan 24 (after Jan 25 for dance classes).

    Where: classroom EH 103 (School On-Duty room, Endicott Hall). Rochester Community & Technical College (851 30th Ave. SE Rochester, MN 55904.
    Directions/Map: http://www.rochesterchineseschool.org/directionsmap

    Use the Spring 2015 Registration Form for your printing and filling out. Also you can find Spring 2015 RCS General & Teachers/Staff Contact Information Form attached.

    For some classes that will use new textbooks at the beginning of Spring Semester, student’s payment includes the tuition and books fee (no need to pay books fee to your teacher. See the Registration Form) to simplify payment collection. The teacher will hand out the books to students in classroom. For dance classes, please notice – the schedule and tuition have been changed in red color in the form. There will be 16 Sunday lessons scheduled in this semester.

  2. In order to better perform at Chinese New Year Celebration Party in February, starting this Saturday, Jan 17, we will have chorus rehearsal by all students and teachers/staff on each Saturday, 2-2:30 pm, in classroom EH 103. Please pick up your child there after 2:30 pm.
  3. Lastly, please join us to welcome Mr. Xiaosheng Wu (as a new School Board member and Vice-Principal), Ms. Liqin Wang (as a new School Cashier), and Ms. Qian Yang (as a Chorus Conductor) for their volunteering service at RCS!

Thank you for your support!


Zhen Ren, Principal
On behalf of Board of Rochester Chinese School
(Ping Yang, Bingkun Chen, Haidong Dong, Xiaosheng Wu, Duzhi Yao, Xiaomin Wang, Xinming Shen, Wenzhi Zhan, Zhen Ren)