2014 Spring Class Registration

The Spring 2014 semester started on Saturday, 1/25/2014, and all new and returning students are required to complete and submit a registration form, Spring Semester of School Year 2013-2014. Please print and fill out the form in advance and bring the form to the school on Saturday (or class days indicated on the form). The late fee of $10 will be charged if the payment is made after 2/8/2014, except with approval from the principal.

The tuition fees remained the same for 2014 Spring semester classes as in the 2013 Fall semester classes. To encourage more new students to enroll in RCS, we have established “Entrance Scholarship” starting this semester available to students who are enrolling at RCS for the first time: $30 discount for the first class (no accumulation of Entrance Scholarship is allowed).

New textbooks and/or class supply material can be obtained from Room ST206, Science Technology Building, RCTC campus.

Important dates of the 2014 Spring semester are as follow:

  • First day of classes: 1/25/2014
  • Last day of classes: 6/7/2014
  • Mid-term test: 3/15/2014
  • Final test: 5/31/2014
  • No school days: 3/29 and 4/5 (Spring break), 5/24 (Memorial Day) for Saturday classes; Corresponding days for other non-Saturday classes.