2015 Chinese New Year Party – Thank You and Links of Pictures and Videos

Dear All,

The 2015 Chinese New Year celebration party was so greatly successful with all your supports last Sunday (Feb 15, 2015)!

Thank you very much to all our audience’s participation to celebrate this Spring Festival for the year of Sheep. Your presence is so meaningful and encouraging to all our performers and staff who served for this gathering. The performance on the stage by our heroes was so gorgeous and brought so much fun and entertainment to our audience. This is a very delightful rewarding to the efforts in preparation for the celebration from all MCSSA committee members over one month ago.

The phenomenal success would not be accomplished without the collective leadership of MCSSA committee. I would extend my special thanks to Dr. Hong Cao, Director-in-chief of staged shows, for his state-of-art oversight, direction and supervision of a series of performance, along with his team member Dr. Jing Chen. And surely same special thanks to Dr. Xiaosheng Wu, Director-in-chief of facility and food service, and his team in serving safe and delicious food, cakes, drinks and more. And big special thanks to Dr. Bingkun Chen, Chair of MERG, committee member of MCSSA, and his great works in helping us to get lots of donations. And great thanks to Dr. Wenzhi Zhan and Ms. Xin Ge (Vice Chair), and your efforts in tickets/panel printing and budget securing.

And it is the first time that the visiting scholars bring their great astonishing performances to our New Year Celebration Party. You made the history! My great thanks to Drs. Yonggang Wang, Tao Xu, Haibin Yu, Xiaoqiao Zhang, Jianying Niu, Zhiqiang Xue, Tao Wu and all other participants.

This excellent outcome on the stage shows was greatly supported by Dr. Zhen Ren, Principal of Chinese School and Ms. Ying Li, Director of dance program, and our 4 fantabulous Masters of Ceremony, Dr. Xianshu Wang, Ms. Chen Wang, Miss. Annie Sun and Miss. Ruoting Jia.  Plus,Mr. Jie Liang and Miss. Ruisi Wang conscientiously devoted themselves to guaranteeing the audio/video system to make the shows more impressive and fascinating.

No doubt, some committee members behind the scenes have played equal and critical roles for this success. Drs. Xinming Shen, Ping YinChunfeng Zhao, Ming Mai and Ping Yang, and Mr. Jingdong Sun have made their arduous and painstaking efforts in securing budget, ticket, food, deployment, safety, and the like.

Special thanks to many volunteers: Drs. Bo Qiang, Jian Zhong, Qing Zhang, Ming Xu andWeibin Liu; Ms. Lei Cai, Yiqun Shen, Jingjing Han, Jing Han, Wei Zhang, Liqin Wang, Fan Len, Fangfang Wu, Yuheng Zhao, Lixia Yang, Yi L. HWA, Yan Li, Xuehua Liu, and all other volunteers who voluntarily joined the service team in order to meet a great need in serving this big party. J

All these hard tasks were well-organized and coordinated through a collective leadership and teamwork.  My Salute, I adore and I’m proud of you, my dear and great team!

Thanks to our generous Sponsors and VIPs, including Mayo Clinic Community Engagement, RCTC, KTTC, Guangzhou TOP biotech company LLC. and so on.

Despite of such a great success, there must be a number of imperfections due to unexpected and sudden occurrence. Definitely, AnPing should take all these blames.

We thank you to your complimentary comments as an encouragement, and your constructive comments as advice for improvement for our future service.

Finally, we are so much blessed that Dr. Haidong Dong and his team, Dr. Jing Chen, Dr. Xiangyang Zhu, have caught and recorded all the exciting moments in the party with their exquisite expertise. I hope you can see yourself in the pictures and photos, a lot of handsome gentlemen and pretty ladies.

Happy 2015 Chinese New Year!

An-Ping Chen