RCS Year-End Ceremony at 3 pm on Sunday, June 7 at Willow Creek Middle School

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Volunteers, benefactors, Teachers, and Staff,

We are approaching the school year end of 2014-2015. In order to avoid the conflict of activities, this year the last day of school has been changed from Saturday (June 6) to Sunday (June 7). There is NO School on June 6. RCS will hold year-end ceremony on Sunday, June 7 at Willow Creek Middle School (2425 11th Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904)All students, school staff, volunteers, benefactors and their family members are cordially invited. The ceremony will start at 3 pm sharp (the door will open at 2:30 pm). 3-5 pm meeting, 5-6 pm dinner provided. The students, staff and volunteers will be recognized for their excellence. Benefactors will be acknowledged. All students (Chinese language, Drawing/Painting, calligraphy, Gong Fu, Dance, Music Instrument) will demonstrate their achievements.

In order to encourage students to speak Chinese better, the performances by the students of Chinese language classes will be evaluated by parent judges. The each student of classes that are awarded the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded an ice cream gift card on site. A complimentary dinner will be served and fellowship time will follow after the ceremony ends. The student academy reports will be handed over to the parents. Accordingly, the teachers will also give recommendations to the parents on each individual student to be at which level for next school year.

In order to better help us to prepare for the ceremony and food, please register by June 3 on http://doodle.com/gyf2pq35z4pkuvy7 to indicate how many people of your family will attend.

Thank you!
Rochester Chinese School Board

各位学生, 家长, 志愿者,捐助者,和学校工作人员:

2014-2015 学年已接近尾声。为避免各种活动的时间冲突,今年罗城中文学校将把学年的最后一天从星期六(6月6日)该为星期天(6月7日)。6月6日无课。

学校将于6月7日(星期天)在 Willow Creek Middle School (2425 11th Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904)举行学年结束汇报大会.

我们邀请所有学生,学校工作人员,志愿者,捐助者,以及你们的家人参加。汇报大会将于下午3 时准时开始(2:30 pm 开门)。3-5 pm 大会,5-6 pm 晚餐。





为了让我们更好地准备大会及晚餐,请于6月3日前在 http://doodle.com/gyf2pq35z4pkuvy7 上登记你家来参加的人数。




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